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Created on 2016-09-24 06:08:58 (#2549118), last updated 2017-07-16 (1 week ago)

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Name:Night Vale Presents Verse
Website:Night Vale Presents Network
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:a fan community for all the future Night Vale Presents podcasts
This is a fan community for all future Night Vale Presents Podcasts, starting October 2016.

If you want to follow Night Vale discussion posts, visit [community profile] nightvale_dogpark.

If you want to follow Alice Isn't Dead discussion posts, visit [community profile] truckerstrek.

If you want to follow Within the Wires discussion posts, visit [community profile] institute_studyprograms.

This community covers:
  • The Orbiting Human Circus (Of the Air) Season 1 October 2016-Feb 2017 (Every other wednesday)
    Atop the Eiffel Tower, a lonely janitor stumbles into a series of alternately surreal and comic adventures as he becomes part of a mystery: what is the secret behind the wildly popular, bizarrely impossible live radio variety show being broadcast from the tower’s top?

  • The Orbiting Human Circus Special: The 2nd Imaginary Symphony May 10 2017-July 5 2017 (every other Wednesday)
    Found in a rubbish pile in Paris, this astonishing recording was passed from hand to hand until it became a French holiday classic. A story about one who disappeared, one who ran away, and the secret of how clouds are born.

  • Conversations with People Who Hate Me July 31 2017 (weekly)
    Conversations with People Who Hate Me takes hateful conversations online and turns them into productive conversations offline. As a writer and video maker who focuses on social justice issues, Dylan Marron receives a lot of negative messages on the internet. In this new podcast he calls some of the folks who wrote them to ask one simple question: why? What follows is a complicated and sometimes hilarious navigation of two strangers getting to know each other.

Posting Rules
1. Everyone can post. Self-promotion and crossposting is allowed.

2. To keep things accessible as possible: Please provide image descriptions for any graphic or photo you post in the comm. If you are unable to do this or the prospect fills you with dread, simply ask for others to crowdsource a description in comments which you can then copy and paste into your post.

3. Please use cut tags and content warnings for: large images, moving images/gifs, and posts that you think are potentially upsetting or include common triggers [such as rape/non-con, graphic depictions of violence, underage sexual situations, major character death, and self-harm].

4. Please use respectful language in this space.

5. Use the tags in the community to sort out your content!

Interests (16):

conversations with people who hate me, cosplay, discussion, fanart, fanfic, fanmix, fiction podcasts, icons, meta, night vale presents, night vale presents podcast network, nonfiction podcasts, podcasts, podfic, the 2nd imaginary symphony, the orbiting human circus
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